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the feeling of security with a person in which allows one to feel in between the two feelings of "like" and "love". To trust and believe in another person.
i'll loke you through everything, and forever
by Hippo-Guppie February 18, 2011
a mixture between like and love
I loke you :)
by alocalperson January 09, 2011
A combination of like and love. The point where you can't even explain the feelings you have towards that person, because you're attracted to them so much.
Cool Person: "Hey you two have been dating for a while. What do you think of her now that you guys know eachother?"

The Loker: "Ehh well it's tough, I like her, but yet I'm starting to love her."

Cool Person: "Ohhhhh so you loke her! Right?"

The Loker: "oh gosh no I didnt choke her?? D:"

Cool Person: "No a combo of like and love you fuckass!"
by E-rexx January 07, 2011
Torn between Like and Love

Lowkey Love but scared to move too fast so never uses the word "love"
I LOKE you baby
by Lil CLay December 27, 2010
Smoking Of Marijuana,
We're all going to Justin's house to loke out of his new bong.
by Maracle November 06, 2010
Wich means: Lame, Wack, CarBomb, or get a life.
"Your a loke"
"how am I a loke"
"cuz your wack"
by That negra RiRi March 28, 2010
A cross between "like" and "love." its what you use when you have strong feelings for somebody/something that exceeds the word "like" but is not quite "love." was made to bring an end to the trend of telling somebody you love them just because you cant find another word, and to spare the world of faulse love.
I more than like you... but i don't love you... so i loke you
by Peganyee March 02, 2010