A cross between "like" and "love." its what you use when you have strong feelings for somebody/something that exceeds the word "like" but is not quite "love." was made to bring an end to the trend of telling somebody you love them just because you cant find another word, and to spare the world of faulse love.
I more than like you... but i don't love you... so i loke you
by Peganyee March 02, 2010
Loke is the stage between like and love in a relationship.

When just liking your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't enough but you're not sure if love is the right word to say at least yet.
1) I loke you.
2) I'm in loke with you.
3) Loke me.
by SincerelyYours January 02, 2010
Loke is the stage inbetween like and love. When one more than likes someone, but isn't quite ready to commit to the word love. Some relationships never make it past the loke stage, and to some, the word loke is much easier to say than love.
"I really like you, but I'm not quite sure I love you. I loke you." There is a free online dating site that explains loke.
Likelokelove.com the 3 stages of free online dating.
by monyoung September 01, 2009
A word used to express feelings of affection for someone/something that are more than fondness but less than frank love. It sits between 'like' and 'love' on the scale of intensity of affections.

(Pronounced like poke with an 'L')
I totally loke my new bicycle.
This new guy Ted, I don't just like him, I totally loke him.
by khpas November 05, 2013
verb, to loke
to simultaneously love and poke someone on Facebook.
His was more than just an average poke on Facebook because he was in love. He needed to loke him.
by Tanzbar November 10, 2011
the feeling of security with a person in which allows one to feel in between the two feelings of "like" and "love". To trust and believe in another person.
i'll loke you through everything, and forever
by Hippo-Guppie February 18, 2011
a mixture between like and love
I loke you :)
by alocalperson January 09, 2011

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