When you type in "Lolhaha" on your Ipod/Iphone it may/will correct to this.

Essentially the other person is saying Lolhaha and forgot to space.
"My nan died today..."


"Dude, that's not fucking funny..."
by FangXVI July 08, 2013
The most common remedy for a flapho is a logjam, though it has only temporary effects. A logjam is also known as a blowjob.
The girl I wanted out with last night was a real flapho, the only time she shut the hell up was when i logjammed her. I wish that logjam had more of an effect though, because soon after the logjam she went right back to her flapho self, yammering away.
by jimtank June 10, 2009
The act of sticking one's thumb between somebody else's butt cheeks and announcing "Log Jam!". This is not a sexual act, it is performed externally while the recipient is wearing pants. Best performed in front of other people.
Nick, standing behind Frank waiting in line at the cafeteria, jams his thumb up between Frank's butt cheeks and yells "Log jam!"
by legsalad January 16, 2011
When two males are in the Eifel tower position and thrust at each other simultaneously, Effectively causing a log jam
Me and The Gooch were Eifeling this bitch when we both hammered at the same time causing quite the log jam.
by Keltic thundar March 09, 2010
A party or gathering with too many guys and not enough girls.
Also known as a sausage fest, sword fight, or a wang out hang out.
Dude this party is a total log jam...there's no chicks.
by zombie mike November 16, 2008
Any social setting (bar, party, etc.) where the majority attending are male. The few girls in attendance have two or more males vying for attention – a log jam!
I went to ladies night at the bar last night. There were only three girls - a log jam.
by MROZ December 06, 2005
When you are getting your asshole sucked, and you send a POWER TURD into the mouth of recipent!
Shitting into the mouth of someonew that is sucking your asshole!
by Christopher Gelston February 07, 2005

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