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Laughing so hard and violently that you lose control of your bodily functions such as; crying, choking, drooling, farting, peeing, or pooping yourself, rolling around on the ground as if you were tazed, slapping your knee while tying to breathe and squealing like a pig, or any combination of the prior.

A Leizure is enjoyable to the person but is even more so to those that watch and are caught in its area of effect. It can be as funny as the instigating humour, and may propagate more laughter or Leizures. When it happens within a group of friends or public places, it can set off a chain of Leizures, where no one can understand why they are laughing, or indeed what was even funny in the first place.

Trying to stop laughing once caught in a chain Leizure is impossible, as the laughter is now self sustaining. An attempt to fight it is usually marked by a strained expression of lip biting, a snort, a bulging forehead vein and eyes, and then a magnified burst of built up laughter. This is usually the case when a spontaneous Leizure is sparked in an inappropriate location, such as church, a final exam, court, or a funeral. This can cause an even larger ripple of laughter in the group phase. Laughter will only subside in this scenario, when the laughter organs, such as diaphragm, abdominals, and lungs, are so fatigued from spasming that they are physically unable to produce anymore laughter.
I had a Leizure after watching nutshot complications on youtube.

There was a chain Leizure in class today when someone let out a seated fart horn, followed by a cheeky hollow whine. When the professor demanded silence the students did their best, but inevitably when he turned to continue writing on the smart board, someone snorted and laughed and set off a disastrous chain Leizure.

Friend 1: Did Jimmy get Tazed? He's rolling around on the ground choking for air and he's pissed and shit himself!!!
Friend 2: No hahaha he saw the definition of Logjam on urban dictionary hahaha and now he's having a hahahaahahaha, oh no chain Leizure!! (falls to the ground thrashing and drooling)
Friend 1: Hahaahhahhaha (falls to one knee, not influenced by urban dictionary) hahahahah (throws up on Jimmy from Leizuring) hahahaha

(This goes on for 17 minutes)
by Drockf February 05, 2014

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