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1. amazing between the sheets, up my skirt, in the car, and in the park. 2. one who thinks people only like him for his hippy-mom-van, but thats a lie. 3. one with an amazing fasion sense. 4. would take you into his life as long as your: not a douche, fun on drugs, like to party, and are somewhat fine. 5. the guy you alwayse want around and alwayse want to be your friend. 6.one who will hug you and honestly tell you how great you are. 7. chill, fun, alwayse the life of the party. 8. your bff for life. 9. alwayse up for a game of Super Smash Brothers
"im in such a pissy mood, if only my logan was here."

"this party was boaring until that logan showed up"
by ledzep_cry July 13, 2009
A unisex name, generally male however, of Scottish origin. It means "little hollow."
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor type.
Example: "Logan is the perfect boyfriend."
by Sarah M April 23, 2006
The hottest guy alive.
The kind of guy that will rock YOUR world.
Dude, he's such a logan
by XWtS itS jCXP February 12, 2008
Cutest boy alive. The hopeless romantic type. Takes you for long walks on the beach, and slips cute little notes into your back pocket when he hugs you goodbye. No other boy like him, and he's got some amazing eyes.
Logan is my knight in shining armor. Hes the perfect boyfriend.
by cutieegirl February 23, 2009
Logan's are usually sweet, cute, caring, very intelligent, and creative guys. One of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. They may seem shy at first but once you get to know them they are friendly and quite social. They are awesome friends and stick up for the ones they are close to.
They've also got the greatest eyes ever.
My boyfriend is a Logan, he stands up for me when I need it and comforts me when I'm downing myself.
by rawringbeauty107 February 20, 2012

L: Laughable.
O: Original.
G: Goofy.
A: An Addicting Person / Amazing Kisser.
N: Nice.

Pssh; Uhm.
Hes My Logan <33
by Torie_X May 04, 2008
A creature lurking around somewhere in the Romanian countryside. Logan is a sexlicious man-beast.

Logan has wings made of chocolate.
"Okay kids, your father's going to tell you the story of the time he encountered the Logan! Yeah, I know....wow."
by I'm Not Giving You My Name!! December 25, 2008
the sexiest man in the world!
David Hasselhoff is a logan!
by willi August 03, 2007