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A squirrley mother fucker. Typically really intense.
Hey Lofton, quit being such a fucking intense squirrel!
#lofton #squirrley #turnt #intense #boy
by salthegal December 06, 2013
Lofton is one of two things. 1. (noun) Lofton is usually a rapist's name. Given to one who likes to harass or sexually abuse another person (Mariah Carey). His picture will usually appear in the newspaper. 2. (Adjective) Lofton is also another word that describes ugly. It is not used as ugly much; as it is used as a rapist.
That guy is such a Lofton, why does he have to stalk Mariah.
#rapist #ugly #fugly #stalker #lazy eye
by ninjasalad September 26, 2014
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