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When you burn your fingers on a lighter or bowl at a party, you take one of the pong cups and put the burnt finger/fingers in the half of the cup that has liquid in it, and walk around holding the cup like that to alleviate the pain.
Dude! That guy just burnt his thumb on his lighter and now he's totally lobster clawing! Somebody get a picture, quick!
by Niggapuss July 28, 2014
lobster clawing is when a person is clustering their hands full of misc and random items trying to complete a task except said items have no purpose for the task at hand thus lobster clawing. usually because a person does not want to put said misc items down.

Can also be said when a person has to many things in hands and arms to the point of slipping and dropping items while flailing about under any influence of narcotic substances ( usually GHB )
I'm trying to find my wrench to tech on my BMX but I'm lobster clawing all this other stuff I'm coming across trying to find it.
by Zambler a.k.a Renniks Foog September 10, 2013

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