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a version of the dutch rudder, but is done with a total of three gentleman. One sits in the midde and, while the others hold their erect genitalia, moves the others arms back and forth in a rowing type motion.
why wasnt harvard at the charles regatta this year? they are starting their own dutch rowing team.
by stokesdawgkillah April 07, 2010
while a flat stanely character is placed on the chest of a sex partner, take a dump on it. Take a picture and send it to a kid to show where its been.
flat stanely needed some new scenery. he was placed on a nice pair of breasts and dumped on. i think he enjoyed himself getting a flat stanley steamer.
by stokesdawgkillah April 08, 2010
after an italian fellow performs a cleveland steamer on girls chest, he turns around and jacks off on her, releasing his syrup.
i was at barbettes looking to get a classy drink. i asked for an italian syrup steamer off thier menu, and was led to the back room. the sexual act was fun, due to the great acoustic act playing in the background.
by stokesdawgkillah April 29, 2010
a sexual act in which a couple is sitting at the edge of a dock. the girl is sitting on top of the guy as they have sex. right before he is about to ejaculate, he throws her off into the lake. will she fly or will she land in the water?
while at my gf's parents cabin on the lake, we decided to get a little frisky. the sex was great but since she was into aviation, being from dayton and all, i entered her into the flugtag
by stokesdawgkillah December 07, 2010
A sexual move where a person inserts four fingers into the vagina leaving the thumb out to play with the clit. Make hand motions as a lobster would.
I traveled to acadia national park looking for some great east coast lobster. I met a local dock hand, that gave me a real lobster claw.
by stokesdawgkillah October 09, 2011

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