someone who is chronically caught up in some intellectual problem or another. a cerebral person. a person that makes full use of their frontal lobes. a very smart person who may at times become oblivious to their physical self, and or surroundings because they are so caught up in thinking about mentally challenging concepts or puzzles.
person 1: i see jaques put his shoes on the wrong feet again.

person 2: yeah he's been so caught up in figuring out the unified field theory, it's surprising he remembers to eat.

person 1: what a lober
by lober June 11, 2009
Top Definition
(v) to masturbate to the extent where the byproduct or ejaculate, is sand

(n) The act of lobering
(v) -- I jerked off eight times and lobered twice.

(n) -- I jerked off eight times and two of them were lobers.
by Z-Bone J-Duckets March 24, 2008
a wet, sloppy blowjob
That girl totally gave me a lober last night! It was awesome!!
by Anonymous22289y1962 February 11, 2015
kinda like love, but better. Only two people in the world know how it feels.
the lober of SMH is CCC. But she lobes him moar.
by sammmmmiiii August 18, 2012
1. someone who has Ear Sex, (see ear sex) 2.xtremely rude name. 3. a white guy w/ huge ear lobes
1.Dag yo! Phil's mom is a lober!
2.Fuck u, u lober!
3. Did u see mike's ear lobes, he is a lober!
by Mike December 11, 2003
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