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A bastardization of lmao. Used to mock homoerotic AOL lingo.

Sometimes used with the suffix -naise...but not recommended.
OMGEEZ. Kangaroo Jack was the best movie evar! LMAYO!
by Puckett January 06, 2004
A literal spelling of the phrase LMAO used in online conversations only l'mayo can be used in coversations in real life when something is funny but not funny enough to laugh
Liberty: Did you just see Buckett?
Chris: Yeah, L'mayo
by Christiffer James December 18, 2008
how you pronounce "lmao" the text speak version of "laughing my ass off"
LMAYO at last night, sure I do remember pulling the gay pirate.
by emily dpsxo January 31, 2008

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