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lmaoi, laughing my ass off on the inside. can also be typecast as lmao(i).
used when you aren't actually laughing your ass off, but you are mentally.
text #1: why did the chicken cross the road?
text #2: oh i dunno, why?
text #1: to get to the other side! idiot! hahahahaha.
text #2: lmaoi!
by justin burchete July 27, 2010
Laugh My Ass Off In Silence
Person #1: more sagat brokenness. seriously. whats the point capcom? whats the freaking point. (regarding Street Fighter 4)

Person #2: lmaois
by Ms.Anthropy May 16, 2009
Laughing My Ass Off Idiot
LMAOI, you is dumb.
What is lmao? It's LMAOI
by immascorpio1114 October 19, 2009