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3 definitions by immascorpio1114

Hoodmouse, is the evolution before a hoodrat. Baby hoodrats.
She just a hoodmouse, she not on they level yet.
by immascorpio1114 October 19, 2009
2 1
Laughing My Ass Off Idiot
LMAOI, you is dumb.
What is lmao? It's LMAOI
by immascorpio1114 October 19, 2009
1 1
Funny Acting People
Fake Ass People
Funny Acting Person
Fake Ass Person
Man, she a fap and you know it!
I'm of all these FAPS!!!
She's not my friend anymore because she's a fap.
by immascorpio1114 November 20, 2009
3 28