a counter-troll aka reverse-troll. one who trolls a troll.
person 2: problem sir?
person 1: **** you trolololol
person 2: you mad bro?
person 1: ......you llort *rage quits*
by taiger May 29, 2011
Top Definition
Troll backwards. Used to define someone so ugly, they aren't just a troll... they're a llort.
"oh shit, look at that schnozz on that troll."

"dude........*gag*....... that's a llort. let's get the fuck outta here."
by 97% June 17, 2009
A llort is the opposite of a troll. It's spelled backwards in case you didn't notice.
Forum moderators are anti-troll but not necessarily llorts.
by housetier March 21, 2006
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