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G.I.R.L. is a common abbreviation on IRC.
be careful when talking to girls!
G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life
by housetier April 05, 2006
food; something to eat;
syn: phood, ph00d, f00d, food, f3wd, ph3wd, eat, munch
/me hungry
/me goes get some fewd
/me eats
by housetier May 08, 2003
Pelping someone means to slowly insert a dead fish into their rectum.

This is taken from a famous German cartoon by Walter Moers.
...where he was pelped by the Inquisition...
by housetier April 09, 2005
A llort is the opposite of a troll. It's spelled backwards in case you didn't notice.
Forum moderators are anti-troll but not necessarily llorts.
by housetier March 21, 2006

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