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Someone who is good looking on the outside, but a total troll on the inside. Personality wise, think of the equivalent of Danny DeVito's ratchetness on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
Damn, that guy is so fine. It's too bad he's a reverse troll though.
by justoneolivethough January 23, 2015
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It is when you troll to counter someone else's troll
What is american football?

is it that sport where you kick things around and shoot baskets?

(links to wiki about american football) read this article it is very informative

Wow you are such a magnificent reverse troll
by thefeelscrew November 30, 2013
When someone disagrees with your opinion on a message board or forum, you accuse them of being a troll, suggesting that any sane person would not hold their opinions.
Reverse trolling is the #1 Internet Tactic for sperglords like me.
by Name-42 January 05, 2014

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