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like lol except it's "Literally Laughing Out Loud"
that was funny, im llol
by ListenToCKY October 01, 2003
"legitimately laughing out loud"

-as opposed to lol which means, "laughing out loud" and is frequently used over an internet or text message conversation to ease tension or cover up a lengthy lapse in conversation where you are not actually laughing.
Person 1: isn't that funny?
Person 2: LLOL
Person 1: yeah lol
by Cuurrline February 14, 2011
Literally Laughing Out Loud

Because LOL is completely overused and has lost its meaning, therefore you can only use this when you have actually physically laughed.
David- wuu2 ?
Marvin- nothing lol u?
David- just realised I have a vagina
Marvin-*physically laughs" LLOL dude
by The gardner 2k5 May 19, 2011
To indicate you are Literally laughing out loud. No more does the usual LOL indicate actual out-loud belly laughter; it can even be a simple, stated response (particularly by tweens) to something you think is really funny but you are laughing on the inside. LLOL can be texted or messaged to show there's definitely the out-loud factor going on.
by RnB. Peace. March 01, 2011
Literally Laugh Out Loud - To literally laugh out loud versus LOL which is used now as an acronym for lightening a text message mood
Text Message Conversation

Person 1: Quit texting me funny shit while I'm in class. I almost got my phone confiscated!

Person 2: wth? What happened?

Person 1: I LLOL during the lecture

Person 2: LLOL u dumbass
by rdk236 November 30, 2010
Literally Laugh out Loud

As opposed to it's lesser brother the "lol," which is just a frivolous expression used to indicate a nod to humor, "LLOL" is what one says when they actually laugh out loud at something, indicating to their conversational partner that what they said actually made them "laugh out loud."
Jenny: "Omg, that movie was so funny, lol."
Britney: "Yeah, but the other day, I saw Jeff spill his drink on Casey's brand new dress! THAT made me LLOL."
Jenny: "LLOL!"
by joeyjoker93 June 23, 2011
An acronym to be used in texting and/or typing on the internet to tell the reader you are "Literally Laughing Out Loud."

LLOL does not replace the current acronym of "LOL," (Laugh Out Loud), it should simply be used to more accurately describe the audible humor you are experiencing.

This acronym was founded and first used by Rachael Fry, a 2008 Murray State University graduate, and current Nashville, TN resident.
A: "I think i'm having the worst day of my life."
B: "LOL, why?"
A: "I woke up an hour late, spilled coffee all down the front of my white pants on the way to work, got a speeding ticket and then accidentally spit on my boss during my presentation."

B: "LLOL!"
A: "Are you seriously laughing about this?"
A: "You're a jerk."
by Ilovepumpkins October 03, 2010
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