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One who spits at people without warning or cause.
"I am blind because of stupid llama boy over there."

"Freddie spits when threatened or afraid. Such a fucking Llama boy"
by Chronny November 25, 2007
A llama mixed with a boy. His Bsack is screeches and spits at little boys.
U like llama boys? hm?
by StinkyDickSack August 28, 2009
Llama boy is someone who is really ugly usually look like a horse or llama and smells like a rat's moldy vagina. She probably has teeth that resemble that of a llama's, oversized and yellow.
Samantha Conley is the new llama boy!
Dude did you see what llama boy was wearing today? Looks uglier than ever!
by turkeylegs00009 March 22, 2010