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One who spits at people without warning or cause.
"I am blind because of stupid llama boy over there."

"Freddie spits when threatened or afraid. Such a fucking Llama boy"
by Chronny November 25, 2007
Stands for "find your own food".
Term usually applied when women wont make pancakes.

Usually fixed by "Less talkie more pancaky makey
"Beyotch wont make me some pancakes so I guess its f.y.o.f."
by Chronny November 25, 2007
A teacher whom you dislike no matter what they teach or what they look like.
"Wow she's such a frumpy art teacher. It's the day before christmas break and she gave us an essay on the geometry of areodynamics...bitch."
by Chronny November 25, 2007
When chased by someone weilding a random melee weapon without your knowledge.

When someone steals your watch right in front of your face.

When your girlfriend cheats on you with a gay guy.

Escaped convicts on Condemned
"Shit! that escaped convict hit me on the head from behind, stole my watch, and was gay and took my girlfriend....with her consent. He sure was devious and sneaky."
by Chronny November 24, 2007
To calm down to a state of cure carelessness.
"Wow that guy needs to chillax or do heroin."
"Why wont he chillax on the stupid fried chicken."
by Chronny November 25, 2007
Noun: To be completely better than something in every way
"Brandon Owns everything he has ever tried in his life."
by Chronny November 24, 2007

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