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Acronym for laughing loud as f*ck , created by Devin Thomas.
"Lol I couldn't help but laughing at that Pants on the Ground performance by General Larry Platt."

"LLaf! It was hilariousss."
by SmartsIsTheName January 20, 2010
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(L.l.a.f.) better known as laugh like a fuck, is a term used when you are laughing so hard and so uncontrolabley you look, sound and are acting like a fuck. Usually happens when you are intoxiacted, high or very giddy.
" Jason was so drunk that when Sam told the really stupid joke he started to L.l.a.f. "
by Larry<3lovesaprude July 18, 2009
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1. Dude, your such a llaf
by Taylor Waren November 06, 2009
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