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If they ever figure out that you know, they'll kill you.
Shush! Keep your voice down! Do you want the lizard people to hear you?
by TastyNuclearWaste December 11, 2015
Lizard People, is the dumbest belief known to man...where people actually belive that because someone licks their lips or does something strange (like many people do) are obviously of lizard origin and want to take us over and rule us.
Me: The dude that made a post about president bush being a lizard people is so retarded.
Dude: DUDE!
Me: What??
Dude: That was me! Your a frigin lizard! ur trying to defend em.
Me: No actually your just a stupid dumbass who needs to get a girl.
by Hightension January 16, 2008
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