Also known as living together or cohabitation. It's the practice of a couple--usually a man and woman--living together having sex and playing "house" without the benefits of marriage. Living in sin is not a good idea for a couple who is considering marriage, because the couple can get to know each other well enough by the time marriage occurs and living in sin makes a couple more than twice as likely to end up divorced.

see: cohabitation, living together
Living in sin is never a good idea for a couple, and usually ends up a futile attempt to bring a couple closer.
by krock1dk May 28, 2008
Top Definition
1.) When a man and woman, involved in an intimate sexual relationship, permanently live together but aren't married.

2.) A hit single by Bon Jovi in 1989.
1.) Bill and Susie are living in sin...they've been living together and having sex but aren't married

2.) "I call it love, they call it living in sin"
by acb November 19, 2006
The Hottest rapper of YourDamSelf Entertainment. Pioneered Hip hop in Mumbai, launched a label in 1997 in London. Hit Songs "Churaliya" and "Money on my mind." Multi talented as he also Produces and DJ's.
Living in Sin is the best rapper alive.
by Richard B Fuller October 24, 2008
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