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Short for Livingston. A town in Scotland of 90,000 people most noted for a skate park, shopping complex and football team.
I've lived in Livingston for the last 14 years...there's got to be worse places right?
by brendan August 07, 2004
46 73
Short for Olivia, a nickname.
My name is Livi. No, it's NOT OLIVIA!
by Monkey April 09, 2005
144 55
Livi, often short for Olivia.

A Livi is the most incredible creature you could imagine. She is somewhat of a sex godess aswell, with a body one would think you could only find in your dreams. Her personality is devine - she is someone who is a pleasure to be around. You wish you were a Livi.
Boy 1: Yeah Boii, that Livi sure is fine - I would
Boy 2: Run and tell that home boy!
by TigerWilly;P January 08, 2011
97 24
a fukin ginger with massive tits but shes ace
omg look at the livi's on that bird
by seanyho April 20, 2005
8 16
to give oral to the most unpopular kid in school
did you hear about maxwell?... he was given livi
by uber pwnage April 27, 2008
63 123