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It's French for give me some fucking cola!
I'll punch-a-size your face for free!
by Nealus December 24, 2003
Larger than a large Farva.
I don't want a large Farva. I want a god damn liter-a-cola!
by Frank Galikanokus August 20, 2003
french for give me some fuckin cola.
extra large coke, never pepsi because pepsi sucks.
MC JackInTheKing employee: what kinda drink would you like sir?

You: gimmie a literacola.
by toeMas January 02, 2004
A brand of cola that very few fast food places carry. It is very rare and burger punks have never heard of it.
Liter-a-cola?...Do we make Liter-a-cola?
by Steve January 06, 2005
a mix up of the size of pop and brand on one of the funniest movies ever... super troopers

French for gimme some cola before i break both fucking lips
gimme a liter a cola
a what
a liter a cole
do we carry leederacola
just order a large farva
i don't want a large farva i want a goddamn liter a cola
i don't know what that is
liter is french for gimme some goddamn cola before i break both fucking lips
#super troopers #team ramrod #farva #beerfest #broken lizards
by fdcgvghubjn August 06, 2007
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