Something developed from repeatedly attempting to talk when there is a penis in your mouth. Mainly affects the gay community.
You can tell Tony gives good head, he's developed the lisp.
by A.L.Jack October 27, 2010
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The most cruel and torturous word in the English Language, where a person has a speah impediment that stops them from speaking correctly.
Who was the jerk who put an "S" in the word lisp ?
by Matthew Stoner December 30, 2006
One of the most powerful and most respected family of programming languages by computer scientists. Lisp can rewrite itself on the fly, although this potential is rarely exploited. Mainstream Lisp dialects have steep learning curves, so they're rarely used outside of artificial intelligence, space missions, or computer algebra apps, but they are intended to be general purpose.
Dude 1: check it out, I just wrote a Google clone in Lisp while waiting for the bus.
Dude 2: damn, that's more parenthesis than the pennies in my granny's drawer.
by lispdude August 09, 2007
A lisp is when people pronounce their "s" sounds with a "th" sound. People with lisps should not be categorized as retarded or stupid but sadly most of the time are.
Oh you should just stop talking your lisp is really bad today.
by heyheyheyheyhey!!! May 26, 2009
To talk with a speech impediment and not be able to sound out their Esshes.
I can not help that i talk with a lisp Dan but will you please move out of your desk so i can eat my Ssheasar Sshalad.
by Grimey the Groper February 14, 2006
Well it'th a thpeech impediment you have when you're unable to pronounth your etheth correctly, like I'm doing right now. People like thith are uthually labeled thtupid or retarded thimply becauthe of the way they thpeak.
I am the Pink Rattlethnake! Don't thtep on me or I'll bite you I thwear! Hith! Hith!

(Do realize this was a joke)
by wouldntyouliketoknow August 21, 2004
a lisp is when you cant talk correctly and slur your words like youre half retarded. Its not being able to talk correctly.
Look at sonny, he has a lisp!
by slowc January 13, 2008
A lisp is commonly understood as a speech impediment. However, there are people out there who cannot differentiate lisp and lips
Choc Princess: Baby Baby Baby... look lips!!
Caramel Baby: Its LISP :)
by -.-andie September 29, 2011

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