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a person with nipples (preferably a girl) with lickable nipples.

noun: she has lipples
jessica was eating some porkchop sandwiches when Aaron discovered that she has lipples.
by thegurtmeister2 April 20, 2010
To use lips to suck nipples. To suck nipples on lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan's Luscious Lipples
OH man, Nice lipple
stop lippling me man/woman!!
by Ross McCullough November 09, 2007
Lipples - A word that describes nipples, that are more pronounced, and more attractive to women.
"Wow - look at the lipples on that bird!"
by JonnyJJJunior June 22, 2006
Little bumps on the inside corners of some peoples lips. more common with girls. they are like reverse dimples.
Owch I bit my Lipple on accident.
by Malahide May 14, 2010
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