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4 definitions by thegurtmeister2

verb: to ejaculate on her face while she is asleep. Later she wakes up to a face that is crusty with semen
One late night Aaron decided he would ejaculate on the face of a drunk girl while she was passed out, she found in the morning she had a frostface.
by thegurtmeister2 March 07, 2010
287 128
a person with nipples (preferably a girl) with lickable nipples.

noun: she has lipples
jessica was eating some porkchop sandwiches when Aaron discovered that she has lipples.
by thegurtmeister2 April 20, 2010
86 9
verb: to poop and or defacate into a newly washed and clean smelling pillow case. The unsuspecting victim will spend hours upon the pillow before the smell becomes overwhelming.

"its time to win"
Rhonda is pumped on having her pillow cleaned after her sexual intercourse with her cousin Demetri. The day after her cousin Demetri decides he will get her back for her lacking actions in bed by giving Rhonda a brown cloud. She spends the next full night with her face down in the brown cloud.
by thegurtmeister2 April 26, 2010
72 7
Fraudulent Fuck: Deceitful actions by an underage girl who use a fake ID to convince an over 18 adult male and/or female that they can legally have sexual relations.
"Hey man, why so serious?"
"Well last night I hooked up with a sexy girl who convinced me that she was legal."
"Long story short, she was a fraudulent fuck."
by thegurtmeister2 October 10, 2010
16 3