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A person named Linned is usually shy at first but when you get to know them they can be very talkative. They can be very indecisive, take everything to the extreme, and are can be very complicated.They can make people laugh, but can sometimes offend people, when they don't mean too. But they are still fun to hang with. They usually have brown eyes and brown hair. You can't really relay on them in certain things. They usually get influenced by others. Linneds can be cruel. Many people will judge a Linned because they may appear mean,but when you get to know them they are nice, caring, and sweet. Linneds would not back down when they know their right.
1)If you have a problem and you go to a Linned they won't mind comforting you.

2) Linneds will make a joke such as your breath smells like onions and annoy you, without them knowing it hurt you inside.

3)If you argue about a topic with a Linned and they don't believe in what you say they well say anything to make what they believe right.
by mannnnnnnny April 04, 2014