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a word used when relating to someone beautiful, or a word used when a aura of excellence seems to be around a person
"wow, she looks as if she could be a linnea"

"oh my, i get a feeling of linnea around her"
by Mr. Ben Dover December 21, 2006
A word used when describing a girl that seems perfect. Usually a beautiful, smart, down-to-earth, funny, cute, sexy and mysterious girl.

Also, "Linnea" can be used when describing a girl that every guy wants to get their hands on, but no one can seem to actually get her.
Man, I could have sworn she was a Linnea!
by Patricken July 26, 2011
A linnea is a wonderful person with an amazing sense of humor, who loves to have fun and be around her friends. And is not scared to ask big old men with lisps how to do math.
Woah look at that Linnea shes so cool!
by i <3 raccoons May 16, 2011
An insanely beautiful person who has yet to come to terms with how beautiful she really is. She is smart, but not nerdy or bookish, and often is perpetually surrounded by Siblings (normally older). VERY athletic in many sports and mediums.
Linneas are very easy to become friends with but only have one true best friend.

Very religious but accepting of other theologies.
What a Linnea, dude....
by swimmmmmuh July 22, 2011
A really bubbly girl who's everyone's favourite. Uses the slang term GTFO alot obvss. All the guys want this girl. She's also really smart and cool. She loves circus sports and is often clumsy and injury prone. Linnea is a mini person as well. Look out for Linnea's everywhere, because they will be your best friends for life.
Person 1: "Its a Linnea birthday!"
Person 2: "Lets wish Linnea the best birthday ever and decorate her locker and give her like ambrosia and dried bugs and stuff."
Person 1: "Yay!"
by Began675 December 30, 2011
Is the best friend of a Lexi and is the funniest and weirdest person alive. She makes the creepiest faces even though she's the prettiest person in California! She is an amazing friend and gets ALL THE GUYS <3 She is is the best sister ever(:
I'm so jealous of Lexi, I wish Linnea was my best friend!
by lexxxxi October 06, 2012
A girl who can come off as harsh to most people but is super loyal to her friends. Probably the most underrated friend in a group. Great to get advice from, and is usually in an "always the bridesmaid" situation. Often the second-best in any situation
"Sometimes I just feel like a Linnea when I hang out with them"
by VeryLittleChill March 26, 2016
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