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line dancing social
by anonymous September 29, 2003
11 25
key cause of inbreeding in the Southern United States.
We wuz line dancin' and drinkin' moonshine; next thing I know I'm wakin' up in my cousin's trailer!
by Rick August 08, 2003
37 20
Doing several lines of cocaine.
I couldn't fall asleep until 10:00 AM because I was out line dancing last night.
by C from the D June 14, 2008
16 8
When your about to sniff a line of drugs and your pacing back and forth because you know that once you do it, it's going to burn like hell.
Guy 1: "Dude, quit being a pussy and stop line dancing and just DO IT!"

Guy 2: "Fuck that dude, I know it's going to burn so bad that half my face will hurt!"
by sublimegirl209 April 25, 2012
0 4
Line Dancing is Anal Sex with multiple partners in one night.
Round up the troops, we're going line dancing.
by Cooper Oil Tool October 06, 2007
13 18