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A single man or woman that is of African descent that is floating in a pool or jacuzzi.
Hey Ray Ray, check out that Lincoln Log in the pool down there!"
by thezapperbam June 12, 2012
4 5
A roll of pennies that is placed in ones ass
Guy: I need to go to the bank, I'm fresh out of Lincoln Logs
by kylesimons June 12, 2011
12 13
When bearded women (preferably wearing top-hats) engage in the act of scissoring. This can involve a quantity of 2 - 12 bearded women.
"That is the hairiest lincoln logs session I've ever seen!"

"I hear the circus is coming to town. I hope they have a decent Lincoln Logs act."
by UncleRumpleFugly July 07, 2009
2 3
Large turd that emerges after constipation.
I ate some bran and took a laxative. The lone lincoln log clogged the toilet.
by AbnormalBoy April 15, 2004
29 30
When a group of people deficate into ones toilet one on top of the other in a continuous fashion without flushing or the use of toilet paper.
When I returned to my home after a break, I was annoyed to see my roommates had lincoln logged my toilet while I was gone.
by Kid, Theodore, Landfill, Stewie November 25, 2006
33 37
A piece of toast with a hole in the middle and an egg fried inside the hole.
Man, should I have toast or eggs for breakfast? Oh I know! I'll have a lincoln log!!
by phillyfolk May 15, 2010
4 14
The sexual act of putting on a top hat, beard, and mole while taking a poo on the chest of your partner forming a small house.
Tyler gave Thiago a mean lincoln log last night.
by Sketchy D May 02, 2008
9 29