soon to be releasing a song on the homestar runner CD coming out next week (nov 2003)
ive got the heart of the lion, wings of the bat coz its midnight!
by Jason November 11, 2003
Top Definition
Rocking Hair Metal Band, name deriving from Strong Bad suggesting band names by spelling out cool words wrong. Limozeen has gone on tours such as "Zeenin across the country" in 2001. They have an upcoming LP named "Zeenin into the Night" A few hits of theirs are "Because it's Midnite" and "Nite Mamas" and "Living it up"

"Sweet city sweared, vampire love, crimson flows down from the wings of a dove, floatin over the pavement, guitars take flight, WEARING MY TIGHTEST PANTS, BECAUSE IT'S MIDNITE!"

they have shirts at
Limozeen has the heart of a lion and the wings of a bat, BECAUSE IT'S MIDNITE!!
by Nick Dzierzeski July 21, 2004
Really cool rock band from the 80’s. They use to play at sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden, but now play at small monster truck shows in… Strong badia. Famous for such hits like "Nite Mamas" and "Becuase it’s Midnite". They recently congratulated Strong Bad for his 100th e-mail.
Limozeen: Congratulations Strong Bad on your 100th e-maiiiil-ah!!!
Larry: ...We're from da band Limozeeeeeen-ah!!!
Bass Player: uh, I think it says that on the top of the screen Larry.
Larry: Well, I didn't know thaaaaat-ah!!!
(They all freeze at the camera in cool poses while cool guitar plays)
by Homestar Jr March 16, 2004
Currently on tour with Taranchula (famous for "Very Slowly") and the Kinda Long-Haired Band (whose kidna semi-hit song "Circles" didn't even touch the charts). Their last show was an opener for Strong Bad, live in West Rekjavic.

Liquid and equal measure...Champagne glass...mix 'em together.

"Come on guys, I need your help. We need to make them hear us over in East Rekjavic."
LimoZeen is the greatest hair band of all times.
by Matthew Coker August 27, 2004
Strong Bads favorite band.
Ahh Man, Limozeen is frcken' awesome!
by Ethan December 24, 2003
a popular rock n roll hair band from Strongbadia
And stay.... after the show.... for a free... performance.... by LIMOZEEN
by geroge August 06, 2003
Limozeen also released the totally awesome song "nite mamas" on the Strong Bad CD
so buy it now!
by Booga December 15, 2003
I've got the heart of a lion, and the wings of a bat, come out at midnight! Keep on Zeenin'!
A band of 80's glam metal rockers known to play concerts in Strongbadia at AwesomeCross. Also known to have opened for Pablo Phoenix live at the Civic Center; affiliation with "Lookout Ladies Productions" unknown.
by lovetozeen March 07, 2003
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