the correct way to let someone know you find what they say amusing. Instead of say lol (laughing out loud) say limh (laughing in my head). In reality you know you are not laughing out loud but in fact laughing in your head.
--- "Lol, i just dropped down the stairs."
--- "Limh."
--- "What!!"
--- " Laughing in my head."
by DaBossTing February 02, 2014
Laughing in my head (instead of LOL. When you AIM the person sitting next to you at work "LOL", but they can clearly hear that you are not laughing out loud.)
Suzy: Did you see what Mary is wearing today? What, did she get come in straight from her side job at the strip club?

by FunnyMommyWhoLovesWine June 28, 2012
limh = Laughing In My Head

The acronym that should be used when people irresponsibly use lol(laughing out loud) even when they're clearly not laughing out loud. They are limh'ing.

Coined by 4EverBleedBlue, on the SBNation blog;
Dude1: And then I tripped over it again! Can you believe it?

Dude2: OMG! LIMH!
by Mikrino April 07, 2011
an acronym for "Laugh In My Head" to replace the overused lol or LOL

If you were actually LOL all the time in real life, people would think you were absolutely bonkers.

LIMH is a polite way to say, "Hey, that was mildly humorous, not enough to LOL but still a bit funny"
"I swear, if that person got any stinkier I might need a gas mask!"

by KrudeKnitter January 14, 2010
Text message or internet abbreviation for "Laughing in my head" indicating a silent laugh to ones self.
Tony : witty hilarious instant messenger banter.

Barbara: LIMH!!! that's classic!
by Dash Ripprock January 06, 2010
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