Laughing In My Head
The opposite (antonym)of LOL - Laughing Out Loud

As opposed to LOL.

B/C Really - how often do you actually Laugh Out Loud?

I was LIMH when "Joe" told me that joke in his instant message.

"Joe" sent me a really funny text message today and I was LIMH.
by CaveCreekGirl March 25, 2009
1. Laughing In My Head - much more accurate than LOL

2. "IMH" Can also can be used as an addition to previously incorrectly stated LOLs.
ChatGuy101: Yo, why you get that decal done on yo car Jerome? Aw homie, it's just 4 sho!
Chatgirl101: limh what is that from
Chatguy101: dkno just made it up
Chatgirl101: nice

Chatguy101: I misread your type, thought it said "my favorite undies!"
Chatgirl101: lmao!
Chatguy101: *gasp* wont that wake ur rents?
Chatgirl101: (IMH)
Chatguy101: OIC
by Zaen August 07, 2008
1. Laughing In My Head (LIMH);
2. Inside joke;
3. Silently laughing
Instead of saying LOL (laughing out loud)
You say LIMH (laughing in my head)
by EricaGunZz March 19, 2008
Laughing in my head silently
used when you think something's funny but you're not actually laughing out loud.
LIMHS, that was pretty funny.
by Yowan June 05, 2010
Laugh in my head, like LOL(laugh out loud) except for not literally laughing out loud, laughing in your head. usually used in text messaging
Wow that way funny LIMH
by nesluapAIVILO May 05, 2009
abbreveation of laughing in my head.-funny, but you make no laughter, i have made this to replace "lol" because noones really laughing out loud.
me: i sneezed.
me:thats not funny, there's no way you laughed in real life.
me: thats more like it.
by cameron maugh December 17, 2008
An e-mail term much like LOL. It stands for Laughing In My Head Silently.

Commonly used when a joke is not LOL-worthy, and not too funny. Just mildly funny.
"Ohmigod, did you hear that joke about the rabbi and the frog? Total LIMHS."
by KIMH May 01, 2006

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