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A large cunt: a distended, fuzzy, unkempt, diseased, sexually promiscuous junkie prostitute. May exhibit dendrophilia-- such a curious sexual drive, trees arouse her/him-- or other bizarre fetishes.
That girl must be a lillette; look what she did to my dog! He'll never feel the same again.
by Pine Knizzle March 28, 2006
An awesome super juggalette that is a true lette. a lil lette would do anything for her family. She is female and little alos is a eh-pick person and there nothing bad you can say about her that wouldn't be a lie. sometimes a nympho ;)
Person 1: Look at that amazing girl with juggalo gear
Person 2: yeah man she looks like a lil lette

chick 1: look at that bitch *trys to copy her
dude 1: quit trying to act like a lil lette n be your self
by The Real Twitch SkarKro January 01, 2011
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