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A semi-sarcastic way of responding when someone asks you if you did something.

Question: "Dude, last night did u get drunk and challenge that kid to a fight?"

Answer: "Lil bit."
by 7th Floor Whitney Hall August 21, 2006
another nickname for a little person who is short in stature, not attitude
Can you come here and give me a hug lilbit?
by Marae Sewell March 23, 2005
Abbreviation for "little bitch." Usually under 5 feet, extremely passive aggressive and bipolar and likes to keep frenemies. Jealous and insecure by nature...RUNAWAY!!!!
Lil' bit always has a "problem," if it ain't one thing it's another.
by amazing137 October 24, 2010
any amount of anything dispite it's original meaning of "not alot" this "lil bit" term can mean even alot or a massive amoutn, whether it being how much something is, or to what extent.
"man 1(asking man 2): did he just insult me?
man 2:lil bit"

"woman: did u have fun last night?
man: lil bit"
by austin February 07, 2004
not as much as more then a lil bit.
"i think you hurt his feelins....lil bit"
by Slick March 13, 2003
Small amount, or lack of respect.
She's a naggly ho, but only a lil bit.

YO! you gots some marijuana?
No only a lil bit.
by Runnin' This shit. April 24, 2005
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