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A term orginating in Atlanta that, in the beginning, referred to a short person or child, but the span of the word has grown to include any and all people, especially a girl that is attractive; it is mostly used as a term of endearment to others or just a way of addressing someone, like 'Wassup Man,' Instead of "Man", shawty is used.
NOTE: Can be shortened to "shawt" or "shawtdawg".
"Waddup Shawty, when you coming over?"
by twintron4 June 03, 2004
It's basically what everyone says, except it is not worn exclusively by black females. In fact, most (if not all) celebrities wear them, white and black.
Jessica Simpson's weave is almost unbearable. You can almost always see Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce's tracks. But, since they're white, or wish to be, it's okay.
Look at Weavy Wonder's head. Always up on some weave. Every style gets more....um...creative.
by twintron4 December 26, 2005
Referring to a young or minor child
"Come here, lil' bit."
by twintron4 June 04, 2004
Small city on the Eastside of Atlanta that connects with Decatur and Lithonia; both of which houses the richest black community in America; Ellenwood is half-black and half-white. The Black side consists of one main road (River Road) and the White side is in Henry County, a county adjacent to DeKalb. See the Dec
I-20 (the rapper) reps Ellenwood.
by twintron4 June 03, 2004
can you say UNIBROW???
"Eww, look at the Ashanti on that baby!"
by twintron4 June 03, 2004
Confrontation or drama of some sort.
"I promise that wasn't even my heat."
-Jagged Edge, "Promise"
by twintron4 June 06, 2004
The green telletubby obviously played by a black man or else he wouldn't be poppin, boody shakin', and having a brown face!
Blac telly
by twintron4 June 03, 2004

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