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North East of England (Geordie) local expression for a "Marble" (Small Glass Ball) Used when playing marbles.
Example taken from local song "Wor Geordie's lost his Liggy"
by Adrian Barker October 11, 2003
A prude bitch who shaves her vagina just to act cool.
That liggy would never give up any puss.
by Pmor March 12, 2012
One who pronounces the word "league" as "lig". Liggy will be heard using vulgar languange which may include the berating of minorities.
Don't be too loud or you will draw a lig.

Liggy likes to wear coach's shorts while he cuts the grass.
by Art Vandelay January 19, 2005
Term used to describe the piggy liberals that seem to enjoy Obama spending more in six months then all the other Presidents combined.

Combine PIG and Liberal to get LIGGY.
I can't believe those LIGGY'S are voting for Obama's Stimulus bill.

liberal pig
by AirCavRocks August 07, 2009
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