Life is a question and death is the answer

life can also be named why
why? death.
everything in life revolves around the question why?

and why is it?
noone knows. To me; life is a complete utter mystery. Why do we live? i dont know at all
Life is a big game. You win or you lose.
by matthew legg May 29, 2004
This can be broken or beautiful, depending on the day, the circumstances of the world, society, hormones, and thought. Often goes hand in hand with love. This often sucks and makes life a pain in the butt, yet you can't have one without the other. Life is not always the most sought thing - see suicidal, depressed - but all in all those who have it should cherish it, because you only live once. Advice on life is generally unreliable, as it comes only from the ones who are in the midst of it. After all, the rest are either six feet under or just a ball of cells. The most important thing about life is :

DON'T WASTE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live life to the fullest even if there's no happiness in sight. For all you know, you might not have another chance.
by 04music21 November 11, 2011
Extended period of decay between coming into existence and leaving it.
As they say, life sucks.
by rs21 September 02, 2005
1.When God took a shit and forgot to flush it.

2. Life can also be described by a series of words: respect, love, money, weed (JK), fun, sadness, disappointments, success, death, forgotten.
Go Flush yourself!

Speaker 1: "Man I need to stop complaining about life and just go out there and make the best out of it".

Speaker 2: "That's the smartest thing you've said in your whole life. Now get off that computer and go out there and be somebody".
by Tempo3240 July 10, 2008
Life is a kick-ass cereal for people who are friends of the hooka
today i had LIFE for breakfast
by evan corzine March 17, 2005
a stupid board game
i make the pieces have sex
by anti-beat-box August 27, 2003
1. Generally thought of as a entity who is carbon and water based, has a complex cellular organization, can undergo metabolism, possesses the capacity to grow, responds to stimuli, can reproduce, and through natural selection adapt in succeeding generations.

2. The time you are alive on Earth and what you do with it.

2. "Life" is pictured as a young lady who symbolizes youth and anticipation for all that lies ahead of her, the continuation of life, and of spring; she represents enchantment, expansion, and the promise of new beginnings. Life is typically dressed in white, light pink and light yellow. She sees the world with child-like wonder and fascination.
1. Earth contains about 75 billion tons of life.

2. What are you going to do with your life?

3.. In some artwork, Life is pictured as being held in a romantic embrace of Death (the Grim Reaper).

by OneBadAsp October 27, 2006

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