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12 definitions by zedo

human best friend! we must learn how to be sincere from the dog.
i respect the dogs more than humans.
by zedo July 29, 2006
to feel like the bird in the sky.
to be single,its a great idea to feel the life.
by zedo August 10, 2006
Just a dream,its too short to complete your aims.
life is just a short trip.
by zedo August 20, 2006
something you do to feel like you are fucking yourself :)
masturbate is pleasure
by zedo July 28, 2006
no worry,feel safe and comfortable inside you.
what you think about happiness?
by zedo August 12, 2006
a sexual act, if the female gets pregnant as a result, the world population would be 100000000000000000000.
I respect asshole sex.
by zedo July 28, 2006
1- its the only truth in our life.
2- its the begining of the another life which is spirtual.
are you feel afraid from death?
sure not,cause i am sure that i will never die,my soul will never die!
what you mean??
i mean that i am going to a more better life than this!
by zedo August 13, 2006