A good shop to buy satellite equipment from.
Lidl have good offers on FTA Receivers and satellite dishes sometimes.
by djchrissy August 19, 2004
Top Definition
Before you start skitting me have any of you lot actually been to LIDL and tried the quality of the food. People say I shop their because I'm cheap, well your wrong I shop there for service, quality and value all under one roof. So don't you lot slag it off and try to impersonate me just because I use my brain and can see quality from a mile off. I highly reccommened turkey, choco popples cereal and Powersport energy drink from LIDL
I shop at Tesco. Why? because they sell popular brand food names which are the same quality as LIDL but a different names.
by David Watts (the real one) August 01, 2004
A supermarket.
Lidl, when you're too pikey even for Iceland.
by David Watts August 02, 2003
The cheapest supermarket possibly ever, if u were to shoplift till u couldent carry anyhting else and u walked out ur loot would probobly not equal 3£ or 5$. also there produce has never been herd of anywhere else e.g. high juice (diluted soft drink) or krostenburg (24 crate of alcohol for 5£) on a busy day theres like 6 cars in the parking lot. max
Here at LIDL we pay u to shop at our stores
by Andrew Marno October 08, 2006
A German multi national market company that is set to take on Tesco in 2050. Cheap brands and cheap labour is extended in order for the lower class citizens to afford it like myself . Apart from the brand being completely undistinguishable compared to commercial products there is simply no difference.

"Lidls" own brand of shampoo, beacuse your worthless.
Person 1: I'm going to the Lidls shop right now, would you wait for me across the counter?

Person 2: No way man, I don't want be seen around with you in Lidls, friends will think I'm cheap.!

Person 3: Fuck off, I'm human you know. I need to eat something to live!
by Lonelybastard February 05, 2010
Aldi's biggest rival.
Alway having huge price wars between each other, and has taken this so seriously that you can now buy a five-course meal for less money than the carrier bag that you are going to put it in.

Lidl is a joke so you have to return the favour. You could loot this shop, by running in with half a dozen water pistols and a bag paper snaps. Walking out the door, you realise that you have been ripped off, the water from the water pistols costing more than the stuff you just nicked.

Mark: That Hobo on the street corner bought the local Lidl.
Bob: How did he manage that?
Mark: Some bloke give him a fiver to get himself some lunch.
by Cosmobeam September 01, 2008
a german supermarket. the worst in quality supermarket in greece. greeks make fun of them by saying the bad quality for example: ai gut uh deektsionery frawm leedle end ai bikeim da masta awf speling!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!
i bought an antivirus from lidl and my computer got embola. birthday cake from lidl for a really sad birthday.
by spongebob202red September 25, 2015
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