liquor that makes you 'lick her'. alcohol so strong it makes you go down on your female date regardless of whether it's the first date, you not being into that kinda thing, she not being very tidy downstairs or you even being a heterosexual girl yourself. variation of the word liquor. same pronunciation tho.
me and jen had some lick 'er last night and i got so buzzed i went down on her in the taxi on the way home! and i think she was expecting that because she took her panties off and put em in her purse before we left the pub.
by ed the Word September 24, 2009
Top Definition
a lesbian
ooooooh, I really fancy stickin my tongue in your general crotch area!
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
A Creature from the Resident Evil games that has the ability to peirce a human torso with its tounge
I got stabbed by a licker
One who licks
my math teacher
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
Person who originates from the North of England.
Joe is a right (coal) licker
by Bernard Rickel August 07, 2003
Lickers are zombies from the game Resident Evil. They are zombies that are mutated into skinless freaks with long tongues. They are still considered ZOMBIES.
OMG. Khiem is being killed by a zombie called a licker. It's taking him to the candy shop and giving a little taste of what it's got.
by LeonX May 25, 2005
Cornwall, England slang for Lesbians, which they prefer to be called than dyke or anything.
Are the Lickers coming out tonight?

All my friends are Lickers, I could set you up with one..
by ebby November 13, 2004
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