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Antonyms: Conservatives GOP

n.)The people who balanced our budget, invented social security, and won both World Wars.
n.)The people who belive in gay rights, women's rights, minority's rights, and people's rights, and black people
n.)The people who understand polotics
n.)The only people preventing Armagedon and/or a complete totalitarian rule by idiotic southerners
adj.)To be smart
adj.)To let yourself go

Words with the same root:Liberty, Liberate, Library
Ashy Larry:Hey Tyrone!
Tyrone:What nigga? I'm smoking crack.
Ashy Larry:You a liberal?
Tyrone:Damn strait nigga

Cletus (the slack-jawed yokel):What woman?
Brandine:Are you a liberal?
Brandine:Why not?
Cletus:Cuz... cuz... liberals are stupid. Now help me nail this here racoon to that thar tree.
by Chrispy March 12, 2005
Derrived from prolonged sexual intercourse. Meaning that the person is irritating and unpleasent to be around.
"You are such a Dick Scab!"
by Chrispy January 27, 2005
A sarcastic expression given when someone completes a simple task.
This word was invented by a bored highschool student, with a genious mind, and the hidden ability to fly.
"I just learned how to add"
by Chrispy March 31, 2005
The best tasting meal when I wake up in the morning.
Mmmmmm... Anal Beads for breakfast.
by Chrispy March 23, 2004

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