A term used to describe woman who fantasize about other woman.
Those silly lezzies love licking each other's hot, juicy cunts!
by GuyMan March 18, 2003
Top Definition
A woman who is sexually attracted to other women; lazy term for a lesbian.
Look at that lezzie over there.
by Schrodinger June 05, 2004
Girls that are turned on or inlove with another girl.
man that chick is so fuckin hot over there, mmm id like to lick her puss.
by uhohiitsmanda March 15, 2005
A Lesbian. A carpetmuncher. :D
That wh00r is such a Lezzie.
She's down with teh Lezzies.
She likes her, that Lezzie over there.
The type of women guys are attracted to. Ironically, sometimes even more so than the women that might be attracted to men. Women that believe women are better sex partners. why?
Dylan: "oh why is that girl making out with that other girl?"
Melinda: "Uh cuz shes a friggin LEZZIE"
Dylan: "oh.. i just got a hard-on"
by Mellionda March 12, 2006
a woman that believes the best sex she can get is from another woman; naive...:>
That lezzie wants to mow your lawn.
by hotchick317 July 31, 2005
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