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1. Arch enemy of Superman.
2. The richest man in Metropolis. He could afford to buy as many cakes as he wants, yet he chose to steal forty cakes. And that's terrible.
When no one was looking, Lex Luthor took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.
by Jaime H. February 26, 2008
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Superman's arch-enemy. Intelligent, funny, and ruthless. Even though he has no superpowers, he is dangerous.
Lex Luthor is president of the US in the Superman comics.
by Adrian August 29, 2006
Most famous on the internet for shouting WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Superman Returns
Lex Luthor: Come on, let me hear you say it, just once

Lois Lane: You're insane

Lex Luthor: No! Not that, the other thing

Lois Lane: Superman will never-

Lex Luthor: WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Funny Fad Guy® October 17, 2009
Your arch nemesis at work. A person that opposes everything you represent, and does nothing besides make your life miserable.
Michelle Obama: Hey Pumpkin, do you want to watch Fox News?

President Obama: No, that network is filled with Lex Luthors.
by CheneyHater July 21, 2010
An extremely tall, lanky kid whos nipples get so hard that they poke holes in his shirt. Lex is a redneck at heart, who enjoys the company of his closest friends, such as count chocula, big nip mitch, and molly diebler. He is famous for his wrestling prowess, being a varsity wrestler for his very first match in the sport. He is known to get very excited and act like a tard while laughing.
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, lex luthor dooo, he go hard............................................................... as shell
by RealNigha January 17, 2011

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