from globeville driving cadillacs to epic proportions
dang that boy level is on another level
by cracmandot November 29, 2010
Used to create emphasis.

Can be used in placed of 'very' 'well' or 'plenty'
Mel is level hot!

He is level bald.
He is getting level girls.
Instead of 'that is well smart' use 'that is level smart'
by LJ21 February 27, 2010
A brand of Vodka in a clear bottle.
Lets go to that party and have some level.
by Stephen1424 May 30, 2005
knowing something somebody doesn't think you know and using that against them.

bringing somebody, who rises through the use of often false information, back down from their pedestal by using their false information against and thereby leveling them.
peter: mike you know nothing about autism.
mike: i had an autistic kid in my swim. class and I had to take a training course on how to deal with him.
peter: really?
mike: yea... LEVELED!!!
by LEVELED December 08, 2008
The term used in Sydney Australia for a police informant who is on the run from the people that he informed to the police. The name was derived as a result of the infamous informant known as Levels One.
I cant believe Andrew snitched on Vixn he's such a levels.
by kumargg November 04, 2006
an acranym
by lalala April 09, 2003

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