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a fart that is either weak, short, high pitched,unmanly, or otherwise embarrassing in anyway
peter: (bitch fart noise)
will: peter that was such a bitch fart
peter: are you for serious... that was at least an adolescent fart
ap: no peter that was in fact a bitch fart
will: it was a short little nothing that was at least two octaves too high
#fart #farting #adolescent fart #man fart #medfield
by LEVELED December 08, 2008
knowing something somebody doesn't think you know and using that against them.

bringing somebody, who rises through the use of often false information, back down from their pedestal by using their false information against and thereby leveling them.
peter: mike you know nothing about autism.
mike: i had an autistic kid in my swim. class and I had to take a training course on how to deal with him.
peter: really?
mike: yea... LEVELED!!!
#level #leveled #crushed #takedown #medfield
by LEVELED December 08, 2008
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