doing something totally out of the blue
funkee sex
by Brit williams November 04, 2003
Top Definition
A popular slang reference to getting really messed up on alcohol or drugs in order to free the spirit and drop the inhibitions. Often refers to drink and cannabis, used in a party-setting with accompanying music. Incidentally, the Black Eyed Peas have popularized this term with their song, "Let's Get Retarded." see also, "get stupid."
"Dude, let's go over to Sally's house and get retarded."
"As soon as we get to the party, let's get retarded."
by Paladin144 November 04, 2003
To get stupid drunk
Hey, lets go out and get retarded tonight!
by Jeff November 04, 2003
A new trend calling one to develop a mental disability.
"Hey Joe, let's get retarded"
by Jack February 16, 2005
1. My personal battle cry.
2. See get retarted
I screemed let's get retarded and the boozie begain to fly, and soon Tyler was passed out in the van.
by Jimboozie November 04, 2003
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