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the man who works at chuck e. cheese and wants all the single moms.
At Cindy's 5th Birthday Party
Karen: "did you see that lester?"
Susan: "yeah, did he honestly just ask for your number?"
by creeper98 September 19, 2008
44 100
A lester is a person who molests or has been accused of being a molester. Generally used to describe a creepy person or a person believed to be thinking inpure thoughts about you/your friends.
"Dude, look at that guy. Hes a total lester."
by Michael Behnke May 16, 2005
52 120
(Les'ter) 1. A ridiculous hair cut usually worn by a person
of lesser fortune. *Also see(Schmoe)

2. The nick name used to describe a person with bad taste in generally everthing.
1. "Have you seens Dick's hair lately"?
"He looks like a straight up Lester"!

2."Wow, denim spandix"?
"Nice move Lester"!
by Merriam & Webster February 13, 2008
22 101
a fag that has a large amount of farf and sleeps with the same sex. and likes to get smirfed when he has the chance.
GOD, after passing out and waking up with my pants and underwear down i feel like a lester.
by Blowdis Johnson April 01, 2007
42 123