a female who feels she has strong feelings for other women sexually or romantically. There is no set "look" for a lesbian because they come in all shape and forms. Lesbians are of any "posse" any religions, any denomination because (yes) they are normal people. Just because a girl is dating another girl doesnt mean she is lesbian. She could be bisexual or even bi-curious so dont assume things because that makes us really mad. I suggest you not call a lesbian a "dyke" because we dont like that very much either. And (no) not all of us are whores who wish to please other men. We just go with what our hearts say.
Wanda came out of the closet about being a lesbian becase she is sexually and romantically attracted to my grandmother. :)
by julia bo bulia November 09, 2005
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Females that are sexually and emotionally attracted to females and only females.

Lesbian (and being one) does not necessarily mean:
1) Rug muncher/carpet licker etc.
2) Being ugly.
3) Being desperate and not being able to get men.
4) A fifteen year old who thinks another girl is pretty.
5) Something that will make you popular if you claim to be it, you are who you are....
6) People with manly features.
7) A loser.
8) Someone to be descriminated.
9) Someone who is any different to hetrosexual person.
10) Someone who got drunk and kissed someone of the same sex.
Jack: Everyone is a fucking lesbian these days, manly beasts.
Freddie: That is because it's now "cool" to be gay so everyone claims to be because they want attention and to be "different".
by Xx Gemma xX August 04, 2005
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A female, like myself, who finds other females attractive and sexually stimulating. It doesnt alwayz have to be about the sex though. Being a lesbian, one can find love in another females eyes and not think nothing of it. I'm engaged to a female which makes me a lesbian, but I hate when people stereotype us. Both of us are females...that means neither of us try to act or look like fuckin men. what would be the point in lookin and acting like a guy if we are lesbians??
Don't matter if your straight, bisexual or a lesbian, love is love!
by Lesbian_Lette July 27, 2005
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Mystical Creatures. They ride in on unicorns usualy in groups of two. They are very rare. Most people say lesbians are not hot but the lesbians they speak of are of a different evil breed. They Ride in on flying monkeys(or motorcycles as modern people call them) to capture the Pure Hot lesbians to convert them to the ugly ones.
Bill: Look Tim a lesbian
Tim: quick Bill grab your camera.
Bill: oh no Tim here come the evil ugly lesbians
by UknoM3 May 01, 2007
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A female who is both emotionally and sexually attracted to other females. There are no sets of specific rules or requirements to being a lesbian, you do not have to wear boxer shorts, play football, or watch wrestling. You simply must have the capacity to be in love and sexually pleased by another female.

It is not a disease, it cannot by cured by a good hard boinking and to be frank, if you tried, most lesbians would gouge your eyes out.

And what about those women you see on the free porn-site previews? They aren't lesbians, they're just stupid women who need the cash and use their boobs to get it. That would be why they aren't looking lovingly into one another's eyes while they have their fun, in fact, they don't even notice each other, they're too busy sucking their fingers and staring at the camera.

And to all you religious people out there who say that homosexuality is against everything God stands for, let me remind you of a few little facts behind your religion. God doesn't make mistakes, especially not big mistakes that effect 10% of the world's population, so if a person is homosexual, they aren't going to hell. End of story.
Stupid male: You're a dyke, eh? How 'bout I rip off those boxers of yours and teach what it is to really be ****ed.

Lesbian: How about I rip your tiny weener out of your thong and feed it to my dog?
Porn-Girl: I'm sucking my finger to get it all wet for her! Honest!

Lesbian: ...Pathetic.
Homophobic religious freak: Damn ye to hell! Cast off your disgusting perversions and go toward the light!

Lesbian: Why don't you go toward the light? Y'know, on a freeway, towards a heavy goods vehicle?
by blacksummer_88 September 09, 2006
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A female who is attracted to other females emotionally and sexually. Period. You are not necessarily a lesbian if you have strong feelings of love for other women...do NOT get this confused. Also, if you're with a lesbian, you aren't necessarily a lesbian unless you too love (emotionally and sexually) other women. Lesbians are NOT necessarily man-hating, not ALWAYS feminists, and do NOT always have penis fear or envy. Stereotypes may describe lesbians as slutty girls who sleep with other women to get men in bed, but let's get the facts straight: lesbians = women who love women and want to be with them sexually ONLY. If you're a horny guy looking to get a woman-loving girl in bed, try the word bisexual or man-pleasing whore. :)
Linda: Do you love me?
Barb: Yes.
Linda: Are you sexually attracted to me?
Barb: Yes.
Linda: Are you a lesbian?
Barb: ...What the hell do YOU think?
Molly: I love Linda too! But I sleep with men only.
Barb: Shut the f*** up straight girl.
Molly: Kay.
Linda: Does this mean I'm a lesbian because I'm with one?
Barb: No, you could be bisexual.
Linda: Oh, well...let's go make some love.
Barb: Gladly.
by The Angry Lesbian October 22, 2005
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What I am with you.
I want you to know that I don't care about any of that stuff. Because I'm in lesbians with you.
by hoppip November 21, 2012
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