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Instead of saying lesbo, you say lesbi.
A: She's a lesbo.
B: No! She's a lesbi.
by emo me January 10, 2005
A bisexual girl who likes girls more than guys but isn't a lesbian
A: Are you a lesbian?
B: No, I'm lesbi
by Cielo-- October 20, 2015
Some Woman who for a long time has had nothing but lesbian relationships but out of the blue has a relationship with a man, or men, thus she is a Lesbi.
My girlfriend use to be 100 percent Lesbian but then we hooked up so now she is a Lesbi.

Did you hear Jennifer is no longer 100 percent lesbian, she is now dating a man. Jennifer is such a Lesbi now.
by Stalinismydaddy June 13, 2008
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