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A straight male who hangs out with and always listens to a lesbian couples problems.
"Man, you are always hanging out with and listening to Alisha and Tessa's bullshit, you are such a lesbeau".
by KINGOFJOKERS515 April 27, 2008
A male friend or confidant of a lesbian
Traci and her lesbeau Steve spent the afternoon shopping and stopped for cosmopolitans before catching the latest chick flick.
by Rae Delor September 06, 2009
Pronounciation (lay-boh)
– noun 1. A lesbian professor.

- verb 2. To greet with great gusto.
1. Did you see the awkwardly large butt on Les beau today?

2. Chunk a les beau!
by Natron boy August 27, 2008

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